Art History

  • Journey through the Italian Renaissance • AHGL172A03

    This class takes an in-depth look at the social, religious and philosophical factors that shaped the artistic revolutions of the Italian Renaissance, during its proto, early and mature development; as well as late- and post-Renaissance movements such as Mannerist and Baroque art. Class presentat...

    Gary Liu  
    May. 19-Jun. 30
    Fri 10am–noon (7 sessions) Past_exhib_class_full
  • Music & Art • AHGL172W04

    An interdisciplinary sample of cross-cultural expression, this class looks at ways that movements in the worlds of music and art have intersected, whether through the depiction of music as subject matter, music translated as an organizing principle in visual art, or contemporaneous music and art ...

    Gary Liu  
    Jul. 7-Aug. 4
    Fri 10am-noon (5 sessions) Past_exhib_su17_ah_04
  • Daoism & Landscape Painting in China • AHAR172W02

    Throughout its history, the art of landscape painting in China has had close ties to religious thought and practice. This course focuses on Daoism—one of China's "Three Teachings" (Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism)—and explores three places where it intersects with the tradition of ...

    Aaron Reich  
    Aug. 7-Aug. 21
    Mon 2–4pm (3 sessions) Past_exhib_su17_ah_02
  • Conceptual Art • AHJF172W01

    “The idea itself, even if it is not made visual, is as much of a work of art as any finished product.”—Sol LeWitt  Artist Sol LeWitt’s statement is from his 1967 essay “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art,” which gave a name to new kind of art that emphasized id...

    Jaimey Hamilton Faris  
    May. 16-Jun. 6
    Tue 2-4pm (4 sessions) Past_exhib_class_full